Water & Crop Management Program


The Water & Crop Management Program provides a broad background in the interrelationship between water, plants, soil, the environment and the development of arid and semi-arid lands.

Effective irrigation systems and water management plans enhance the quality of the land and conserve water resources. They also have a positive impact on crop production and food supply.

This seminar focuses on water resource management and in particular the use of wastewater for irrigation. Special attention is given to Fertigation (Irrigation and Fertilisation) Systems for a variety of crops with a view to generating more income.

Drip irrigation systems have been used in orchards, open fields and greenhouses of each farm in Israel for over 40 years. All orchards in Israel are irrigated with treated wastewater therefore special drippers; filtration technologies and systems maintenance are necessary. This program shares hard-earned Israeli experience and knowledge in selecting the most profitable crops for the many varieties of soil, weather, water quality and landscape conditions.

Open field and greenhouse vegetable production takes place both in small family farms and large cooperative farms; supplying fresh and frozen food to the population and exporting "out of season" produce to European markets. Agriculture R&D activities take place in many regions in Israel resulting in "successful farms". The seminar demonstrates many of the advanced Agricultural technologies needed for this industry: producing vegetable seeds and high quality seedlings in nurseries; integrated pest management; soil fertility management; crop rotation; mechanisation; plasticulture and harvesting.

The combination of agriculture technology and educated farmers is the key to winning Agribusiness; we want you to achieve this, together with us!


  • To strengthen efficient crop production in small, medium and large scale farms, by taking advantage of regional conditions
  • To emphasis the importance of R&D in arid agriculture development
  • To equip each participant with advanced techniques to enable the implementation of irrigation systems
  • To provide the participants with a deeper understanding of all issues when implementing agricultural projects
  • To train participants to share their newly acquired knowledge with their colleagues who can then, in turn, train others in their own countries

Program Participants

This seminar is designed for official and professionals involved in the planning, design, operation and management of agricultural farming projects; personnel involved in implementing irrigation systems; personnel involved in agricultural development projects and the farming of small plots.