Cyber: The Modern Warfare


The modern day war arena has retreated from the battlefield, to the Home Front and Cyberspace. Conventional military power is no longer effective in dealing with these threats; therefore the concept of national security must be broadened. This seminar has been designed to share the Israeli National Security challenges and experiences of handling the home front and cyber arenas.

Description and Objectives

The seminar aims to deepen participants' theoretical and practical understanding of the issues involved in preparing their home fronts for unexpected events, to increase participants' capacity for innovative planning, creative thinking and prevention of cyber attacks. The seminar will provide senior officers and personnel from the Military and Ministries of Defence an international arena for knowledge transfer and sharing.

Program Participants

The program is designed for: senior government officials, directors of regional offices, employees of NGOs and the private sector, and consultants in the sector. It is also intended for executives and professionals.