Agribusiness & Post-Harvest Management


International gaps in food supply are growing. Some countries enjoy surplus production as others are confronted with famine. Effective business strategy could be the answer that will balance the equation. Recent technological developments in the agricultural business are reshaping the field competition for all players, leaving those unable to adapt behind. This program will guide participants on how to gain a stronger position in the changing global marketplace. One of the greatest challenges posed in transitional countries lies in the question of how to market agricultural products grown in hard labour- both inland and for export.

Professional agricultural marketing is regarded as a solution to seasonal agricultural surpluses and shortages of food supply, as well as a means of generating greater income.

For agricultural products to be successfully marketed there must be effective marketing channels that comprise infrastructure and facilities; including storage, handling, transport, processing, packaging and retail. Businessmen need to take into account product location; timing; quantity; quality; price and all additional information that producers and consumers need to make advantageous decisions. The circumstances create an ever growing need for all small farmers- from suppliers to marketing firms and processing companies- to better interact with each other for the mutual benefit of all parties.

If agricultural development is to progress, investment in research and development (R&D), is vital for product variety, post-harvest and processing, farm mechanisation and food quality control. Because R&D is one of the most significant components of successful agribusiness, it is covered extensively in this program.

In the Team Workshop participants will refine an agricultural project that answers to the needs in their country. They will arrive at ISAC Center with a project plan formulated ahead of time and ready to be considered, and will go home with the tools necessary to successfully implement it.

Program Description

Participants will learn to recognize, understand and establish the components that make up the supply chain and connect producers to consumers; as each "link" contributes to the quality of the final product offered to the customer. They will acquire techniques and outlines for agribusiness initiatives, and for processing and marketing agricultural products. They will learn how to effectively deal with the price risk that agricultural producers, processors and the agribusiness sector face in a global marketplace, and will acquire the marketing skills and strategies necessary to increase the profitability of farming.

Program Participants

This program is designed for: farm managers, government officials, directors of regional offices responsible for the agricultural sector, export and marketing managers, employees of NGOs and the private sector, producers of agricultural products and agribusiness consultants.